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What a sick day consists of.

Posted by atomjack

Can finally say I’ve smoked with my bestfriend today, took us long enough

i want to love someone without six tequila shots in my system,my words buzzing tipsy at the tip of my tongue,no,i want to get drunk instead off of the way that you half-smile and the changing color of your eyes,i want to sip on the bitter taste of your lips and have the afterglow warmth of your skin run over all of my limbs,i want the liquor-glass invincibility of your arms around me,i want to get dizzy off of knowing you and have someone,finally,who spins the world for me

I really don’t understand how someone can treat someone they “love” with so much disrespect. How can you lie straight to my face after saying you love with? How can you lay in a bed with her and me on the same day? Not tell me, and lie about it when you bring it up. I just hope she makes you happy. And if you ever do come back to me, that I’ll be strong enough to know what I want and finally let go of the one thing that I loved and what kept me strong for this past year, but what also brought me to the lowest point of my life. I’ll never break my promise of loving you but I’m just going to stand up and look out for myself for once. Be a better person and no longer have my feelings grow anymore for you.

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